Saturday, October 19, 2013

Getting your Photo with Characters - Disneyland Secrets

Happy Saturday! I am just getting ready for work and my family is headed to Disneyland for the weekend to celebrate my little sisters 12th birthday! I was unable to fly home for the celebration so I figured I would be in the spirit and share another Disneyland Secret with you...How to get your photo taken with as many characters as you can in one trip to Disneyland and not waste your entire day in line!

I would consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to all things Disneyland and Disney World. I have had an annual passport to either park (Depending where I was living) for as long as I can remember. I have spent countless hours at the Most Magical Place on Earth and LOVED ever minute of it. I stumbled upon these next few tips this year. I have never really wanted to wait in a huge line to get a picture with a character (well maybe a few times I did). But this past year I did a photo book for Joe that included a photo and signature from as many characters as I could get in one day and added it to his Disneyland Care Package. I managed to fill up the book in a few hours. 

On to the TIPS!! In no particular order:
  • Get there when the park opens! - I know what you are thinking, if I go there so often, why would I want to get there when the park opens? Because that is when all of the classic characters are waiting to greet you and have a photo op! Most people are so excited to be there and get on their favorite ride that they just zoom on by all of the characters. I must admit, you can find long lines for Mickey and Minnie, but other characters like Donald, Daisy, Pluto, and Goofy are all just standing around with less then 10 people waiting for a photo. 
  • Talk to the Cast Members - While I was waiting in line for some of the other characters, I made it a point to talk to the workers that were helping with line control. They were able to tell me where to go and when to go to different places to find characters. They really are your best source of information. They were even able to give me an exact time, to the minute, of when the next round of Mickey and Minnie and where to stand to ensure I was the first person in line! 
    Check out that line behind her! We were the first ones with Minnie!
  • You have to go to the Royal Hall! - If Princesses are your thing, you have to go to the Royal Hall. It is still a fairly newer attraction that allows you to meet and greet 3-4 Princesses at once. Since it is still newer (and in my opinion, no one knows where or what it is) the line is never longer then 10-15 minutes. I have often just walked right in. It is located just to the left of the castle if you are looking at the castle.
  • Woody's Round Up is a must! - Here you will find Chip and Dale, Woody, Jessie, and a few others! The lines are never longer then 5 people. You can interact with the characters and get a photo! The show is just ok, but the characters make it well worth it. Woody's Round Up is located at the Big Thunder Ranch, behind the Big Thunder Railroad. Bonus Tip: Don't say "Andy is coming" the toys will not fall to the ground. The cast members will just yell "no he isn't, Andy is at college". 

  • Party at the Mad Tea Party - This is the best place to get photos will almost every random character you can think of. But, they will not sign anything. They just dance and pose for pictures. It is where the "B"list characters hang out. They come out in groups of 6 and dance for 15 minutes. I got so many pictures it as pretty awesome. The Mad Tea Party is located in California Adventure in the Hollywood Backstage Lot. 
  • Random is sometimes best!- Sometimes, you are just in the right place at the right time and you get a photo op with one of your favorites! Character photo stations are through out the park. You can find the schedule on the map, go to city hall and find out, or just ask a cast  member. If you see a short line (less than 15 people) jump in it. It will take less then 10 minutes. 

Follow my tips and you will have so many pictures, you wont know which ones to post! 

I hope you enjoyed my pictures! These are all from one day and I have more from that day. It really doesn't have to be a huge time commitment if you plan correctly. 

No trip to Disney would be complete with out the one and only Mickey Mouse!
 (you just might have to wait)

Who is your favorite character??

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  1. wow. last time I went to Disneyworld or whatever was long time ago. I was like 11 or so but never got pics taken with the characters. i'd love to go one day and meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger and tinkerbell :D hope you're doing great. have a great weekend. looks like you had fun at Disneyland. how'd it go? pictures tell a lot. looks like you had fun. come visit me and say hello

  2. What a bummer about the "Andy's coming" thing. I always thought that was true!

    Great post & great tips. I got so many character pictures while I was working at WDW, but I also missed a lot of opportunities. Like why didn't I go to the Not-So-Scary Halloween party?! Definitely my biggest regret from my cast member days.

  3. I am definitely going to keep all of these tips in mind!! Thanks for sharing :D

  4. I can tell you that I waited in line for 90 minutes for the 3 princesses at royal hall last week, and that was a short line according to the cast members. The Frozen Princesses line was 5 hours long. And this was supposed to be off-peak season. Yikes.

  5. It could be great for us that Disneyland has opened some new great rides. Yeah, I know I am late but my wishes are always with you. Belated Happy Birthday! Also thanks for sharing these secrets of disneyland. I wasn’t aware of them.


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