Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things I am Missing!

I have been here in Colorado for just over 2 months and time is flying. I am really enjoying my time here in Colorado, I have met new friends (some bloggy friends turned real life friends; MalloryKaitlyn, and Hannah!), started a new dream job, put our new house together, and am trying to get back on a running schedule. Life here has been very busy and fulfilling. But I would be lying if I told you that I didn't think about life in LA every single day!

Here are a few things that I am missing about California:
My Family- I miss having someone to always go to the store with me, go to a movie, or just hang out with.

My old job and co-workers- I loved working at the airport on the field. I miss the tight group of friends that I gained from my job, both inside and outside of the work place. I always had Ana to work out with and be my bestie, Brenda to talk about aviation stuff, and Mereca to remind me what it means to be young and have fun! I worked with so many amazing people and I miss those days! I also miss seeing celebrities every day (Josh Duhmel, Justin Timberlake, and Adam Levine I am talking about you).

I miss Disneyland! - I am really missing just getting up and going to Disneyland. It was always an option, even if it was just a few hours! I spend countless hours with my family making memories. I loved every minute of it. I miss trying to get all of the character signatures, I miss training for the Disneyland Marathon with my sister, I miss late nights watching fireworks. I miss it all. 

I miss the Food! - Food Truck Friday was my favorite day of the week! There is nothing better then just heading to the food trucks to try all kinds of fun and different types of food all out of a truck! There was also a really great breakfast joint near my house that I am really craving! I also miss the amazing farmers markets. I loved all of the fresh from the field produce, it made my green drinks so good. 

The list really could go on, I miss home. 

What have you been missing lately?

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  1. aww i bet you are missing a lot! i am missing cold weather, come on now TExas!

    FYI, you have word verification on! just go to settings--> posts and comments--> and turn it off!

  2. Thanks for the shout out!

    All your Cali posts make me want to go back there (and visit LA)!

  3. Both states look like so much fun :)


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