Thursday, August 8, 2013

Disneyland Secrets - Guided Tours

As an annual passport holder and Disney fan it is always so much fun to share about the secrets that I have discovered. One of the BIGGEST secrets that I have found happened on my last trip to Disneyland and I am going to share it with you. My last trip to Disneyland was just that, my last trip. I am now living in Colorado so, Disneyland isn't just an hour away. In order to make it a memorable trip, my sister and I decided we would look into a tour. I have always been under the impression that tours are well over $100, I know for a fact that a private tour is $350 an hour ( and I just found out that you must book the tour for a minimum of 6 hours). 

Well, here is the secret: They have a guided tour for just $25! The tour is called Welcome to Disneyland and this is what is included:
  • 2 hour long tour
  • 2 tour guides
  • up to 20 people in the group, but my group only had 7 on a busy Saturday
  • A Disneyland Tour lanyard
  • Disneyland Tour  trading pin 
  • Fast Passes to 4 attractions 
  • VIP seating to a show
  • No wait for 2 attractions
  • Tour Guides will make lunch reservations for you and help you plan your day! 

You get all of the above for just $25! If you have AAA it is around $22 and if you have a premium annual passport it is $20! It is so well worth it. They also have 3 other tours at the following price points : $49, $59, and $109. The pin alone is worth around $10.  The tours are located just to the left of Town Hall, right when you walk into Disneyland park. 

I was a little bit hesitant to take the Welcome to Disneyland tour, since I have been there many times. But, I got some much new knowledge out of the tour. The tour guides treat you like VIP from the beginning. You meet the group 15-30 minutes before the tour starts (there is only one tour a day at 10:30am) in order to plan your day. You are met by a tour guide that offers you cold bottles of water, the lanyard, and they plan your day. They offer to make you reservations at a restaurant on property ( lunch is not included, but its nice to just walk into the restaurant without a wait) Then you meet  up with the rest of your group and go on your way. 

Our Tour Guides, they are so friendly and knowledgable

The tour begins in California Adventure then takes you back to Disneyland. 

I have been to Disneyland more times then I can count and this is by far the best Disneyland Secret and money well spent at the park! 

Do you love Disney?
Have you ever been on a tour that was worth the money?
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  1. Love it! I'm a huge Disney fan and former employee of the mouse, and Disneyland is my home park. I didn't even realize there was a tour this cheap! I'll be going back in September - it's so weird now to have to pay to get in, but still very much worth it.

  2. How can I tell if the 2nd half of a Monorail Ticket is missing? - This might help. disneyland florida tours


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