Wednesday, September 3, 2014

5th Place.... I'll Take It!

Last weekend Joe and I participated in the Scavenger Dash, a scavenger hunt that gives you a set of clues and takes you around town. The race started at noon and I had worked the night before. I was beyond tired. Joe had signed us up for the race awhile back, so I knew I had to do it. I am happy that I did!

We arrived at a local bar to go over the rules and get our first clue. People were dressed up in costumes and having a good time. We didn't dress up because I didn't find out that we should dress up until last minute. So we decided to wear our winning Syracuse shirts. I figured that the shirt must be good luck! The best costume was a Sharknado homemade costume. There were over 100 teams.

After we received instruction on the rules, the first clue was given. Everyone ran outside and scattered. Since Joe and I are not from the area, we did a ton of googling and eventually found the first location. Upon arrival we were given a sheet with 12 clues. We sat on the side of the street and solved as many of the clues as we could. We also planned our route. We were able to solve most clues without any help, but we did use our phone a friend to solve the clue that used morse code. There was everything from binary to mixed up letters.

The clues took us to a yoga studio in town were we had to do our best yoga poses. We went with plank for Joe and downward facing dog for me. An art exhibit of giant butterflies, that I had to feed. We had to find 2 strangers and do the Heisman Trophy pose. Find a park, then I had to guide Joe through a "battlefield of mines" while he was blindfolded. Make a crime scene outline out of anything we could find, we chose sticks. Find a giant bench in a park, I think it was another art exhibit (we didn't have much time to read). Find a special flower in a local neighborhood garden. Find a statue of a snowman and mock him. Find a statue of a family of four. 

We finished the race in just under 2 hours and we were the 5th team to finish! The 4th team that finished didn't really finish all of the clues, but we will stick with 5th place for now. Even though I was extremely tired, it was a fun experience. It tested our ability to work as a team and communicate. There were plenty of times that I yelled advised Joe to do things a different way and for the most part he listened. :) Maybe with some more sleep and better team work we can do better next time, but I'll take the 5th place! 

Have you ever done a scavenger hunt race before?
How do you think you would do on a team with your significant other?

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