Monday, March 3, 2014

Tips on Becoming a Runner

It's Monday again and a new week means a new opportunity to get fit. The other day I saw a post on Hannah's Instagram that got us talking about running. Running is one of my favorite ways to exercise, but it hasn't always been. I know a lot of people who say that running isn't for them or that they can never be a runner. But everyone can be a runner. It may seem like a daunting experience, but once you get going, you won't want to stop. 

Here are a few tips on how to get into running that have really worked for me. 
  • Just get out there - By just getting your shoes on and out the door you are one step closer to becoming a runner
  • Running is mental - You  need to start your run with the right attitude, just tell yourself that you can do it. Once a little bit of doubt gets into your head it's all over. I ran a marathon with little training and made it because I continued to tell myself that I can finish. It wasn't my best run, but I did it. 
  • Find a program that works for you - There are so many running programs out there that work around every skill level. A few that I like are Couch to 5K for beginners, Marathon training plans from runners world, and  a plan to lose weight from Women's Running Magazine. I have used a whole training program and I have also just used some as guides to make my running more interesting. Whatever you chose to do, just make sure that the plan will work for your skill level, the amount of time you want to commit, and your lifestyle. 
  • Run with a friend - I have found that running with a friend really works for me. I love having someone there to run with not only for the social aspect but for the competitive aspect swell (don't tell my running partners). I like having someone to keep up with or someone to keep motivated. 
  • Pick good routes - I feel strongly that your route can make or break your run. For example, I have a really tough up hill 3 mile run by my house. If I am not in the mood I will tend to walk the difficult parts and I hate running. I also tend to better on there and back routes because it forces me to run back home. I also prefer to run outside over a treadmill. 
  • Get to your target - When I am running I always try to find a target that is in sight and get to that target. For example, if I am looking down the road and I see a mailbox in the distance, I will tell myself that I have to get to that mailbox. Once I get to the mailbox I find something else further away and try to run to that. This method really works for me because I break my run up into smaller distances. It also helps with my time, I tend to try to run to my target faster.  
  • Reward yourself - I find that I do so much better when I have something to look forward to. If I am training for a race, then I will reward myself with something little after following my schedule for a week. 
  • Just keep running - Just keep it up, it will get easier. If you are tired take a break with a short walk, then get back to it. 

Do you have any tips or words of advise for beginner runners?
Why do you love to run?

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  1. I love running. I just started really loving it about a year ago. All of these tips are great!

  2. Love love love this! Thank you times a million!

  3. I love this!! I highly agree with running with a friend, makes it much easier and once you get in the habit its much easier to go on your own!


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