Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday!!

It is finally Friday! Yesterday felt like eternity because it snowed here and that snow turned into ice on the roads which turned my hour drive to work into a lovely 4 hour drive. I loved working in the snow, but the drive sucks. But, that is behind me and hopefully our roads don't turn into ice every time it snows. Let me share 5 happy things that happened to me this past week! 

1. Last Saturday Mal, Joe, and I ran a 10K! It was a good wake up to Joe and I reminding us that we have a Marathon coming up in January. The course was tough and actually closer to 7 miles then to 6.2 miles. But we all finished it and it was a free race, so it was a good time. 

2. Then on Sunday Mal and Dan came over to watch some football and eat some food. This was the first weekend Joe got to meet two of my favorite people here! It is so nice to have a couple  that we can go out and do things with! I made some yummy pulled pork sliders that will be up on the blog on Monday. Joe grilled up some wings and Mal brought the best veggie mix that we threw on the grill and it was so perfect. 

3. On Monday Joe got his wisdom teeth removed and we spent all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at home just relaxing. It was so nice to be able to do nothing. On Tuesday I got the most beautiful little flowers sent to the house with a note from Joe thanking me for taking care if him. How sweet is he that even when he is in pain he still puts me first. I think he is a keeper. 

4. With all of my free time on Tuesday, I decided to redo my blog. I was over the summer theme that I had going on and put together what you see today! I really like it and hope you do too! I think it is a design that will grow with me. I was thinking about hiring someone to do it for awhile but just played around with a few things and less then an hour later it was done! 

5. Last but no least! Some of my photos from Kristi arrived! I am so excited to share some with you tomorrow and through out the week! But here is one of my favorites. Who doesn't need a photo of shoes right? 

I really hope this snow stops and I can get back to my normal life. Ha I hope you all have a great weekend! 


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  1. Your design turned out beautifully! I prefer doing it myself also, because I can tweak every last little detail.
    Gorgeous photo! Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. 4 hours driving?! AH! People have been driving me nuts the last 24 hours with how they're driving in the snow. They're either WAY too cautious or driving like they're on a race track. I'm shocked I haven't seen a single accident yet. (But thank goodness!)

  3. Learning to drive in snow is hard at first, but you'll eventually get the hang of it! I love your new design and I can't wait to see more of your Homecoming pictures! :)


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