Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vega Bars

     I have received this product for my review. All opinions are my own. 

For the entire month of April I have been trying out being Vegan (more on that later), so I was really excited to be picked by Vega to try out their new line of bars! But, I was a bit nervous to try out the products for a few reasons: 1. I generally don't care for protein bars of any sort and 2. Most packaged vegan stuff is lacking a little flavor. Vega is a company that focuses on plant based diet and nutrition. They have everything from protein powder to supplements!

I tried 4 different products in eight different flavors:

  • Snack Bars - They were by far my favorite! The bars are great for on the go snacking or when I was in the middle of work and needed something fast. The bars were mostly nuts and really yummy! They are gluten free, non GMO, and packed with super foods!
  • Meal Replacement Bars - These bars were ok, they were extremely filling and satisfied me while I was at a baseball game. Since they are meal replacement bars they do have almost 300 calories. My favorite flavor was Chocolate Peanut Butter!
  • Energy Bars - I used these bars for my morning runs. I am guilty of never eating before I run, so these bars were the perfect amount of food to get me going. The taste was good too! 
  • Protein Bars - Posible one of the best protein bars I have ever had! They are a little high in sugar, but the taste is well work it. I ate these bars after a hard workout at the gym, they have 15 grams of protein and are chocolate! It was like having a treat for my workout. 
Overall, I was impressed by the bars and will be ordering some more! I even saved 2 for my upcoming spartan race this weekend! You don't have to be vegan to eat these. They have great flavor, but can be a bit high in sugar. They are great for on the go and really easy to carry with you. They are all natural and totally worth the price!
How I enjoyed my Vega Bars!

What is your favorite protein bar?

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