Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pro Compression Sock Review!

I was recently sent a pair of Pro Compression Marathon Socks by Sweet Pink and Pro Comression! It was just in time to start my 1/2 marathon training! I've ran quit a few longer distance races and haven't really had any issues with my legs. I have always been interested in compression socks, but haven't really had any real reason to buy any. Until now. I am not sure if it is the elevation here in Denver, but my feet swell. Not enough to be uncomfortable, but enough to notice.

Here is where compression socks come into play. PRO Compression was really great to work with. Their website is easy to navigate and they have a ton of color options! The socks arrived quickly. Once I received socks, I couldn't wait to go for a run! They are made to fit your feet comfortably and are perfect for long runs or just to wear if you need the support.

With the strange Colorado weather, it is nice to have the long socks to cover up, without having to wear full pants or capris. I have always ran in shorts with low cut socks, so I wasn't sure how I would feel about long socks. I didn't mind them at all!

Here are some quick facts that I found about compression socks:

  • Decrease in muscle soreness and fatigue
  • Increase in blood flow
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduction in swelling
  • Protects your legs from dirt and scratches

I can't wait to buy these bad boys for my Disneyland Avengers 1/2 Marathon this fall!!

So here is the good news, you can try the socks too! Go to  and use the discount PINK to get 40% off your entire purchase!!

Do you run with compression socks?

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