Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fun New Things at Disney World!

Earlier this year, Joe and I went to Disney World to Run the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon! I was a Disney World Passholder for 5 years so I figured it was just going to be a normal fun trip to disney. However, I noticed many new things. 

Magic Bands 

Joe and I stayed on property and I was really excited when our Magic Bands were delivered to our house. The box was really nice and the concept was neat. Magic Bands are given to all guest who stay on Disney property, their primary purpose is a way to get into your room. However, you can attached a credit card to the band which allows you the ability to purchase things through out the park. You can attach your ticket to your band. You can also use the bands for Fastpass+. Once you have made your reservations you can go online and set up your vacation. The website is really easy to use and has a ton of information. You can choose your favorite color and your band will be sent to you in that color with your name printed on the inside. The use of Magic Bands start the moment you arrive at Orlando International, so be sure to put them in your carry on. 

Over all the Magic Bands were great, they were not that bad to wear and easy to use. At times it was difficult to get the band to register, you really need to make sure the Mickey ears touch at the right spot. We did decide to attach our credit card to the band and all of the charges were correct. Although Magic Bands are in the test stage, I am sure we will continue to see them at the park. 

Fast Pass+

The Fast Pass is one of Disney's greatest inventions, if you plan your Fast Passes correctly you can spend almost no time at all waiting in lines. Fast Pass+ gives you the tools to plan correctly. You use the Diseny World website or an awesome app called "My Disney Experience" to plan your trip. You are allowed 3 Fast Pass+ passes in one day and your Magic Band to enter in a special Fast Pass+ line. The concept is amazing and I am sure once Disney figures out how to get all of the kinks worked out it will be awesome! But, there are currently kinks... You only can use your 3 passes at one park. For example, if you are spending half of your day at Magic Kingdom and half of your day at Epcot, you have to choose which park you want to use your passes at. Once you use 1 pass at a park you must use the rest at that park. You only get 3 passes a day, but if you have a hard ticket also, you can use both the Magic Band and your hard ticket to get regular Fast Passes. 

Interactive Games 

One last new thing that I wanted to share was Interactive games that were put into Magic Kingdom. There were 2 of them that we found. The first was called Sorcerers at it can be found at the fire station on Main Street. You are given a deck of playing cards, showed how to play the game,  and then handed a map of where all of the locations are.

To play the game you have to place your Key card against the card reader and a video will play. You have to watch the video carefully and then cast your "spell" in order to beat the villan.  Then the video will give you a clue to where you need to go next. The game takes you to a few locations through out the park. I was really impressed with the creative ways that the videos played. It is a good way to entertain small kids or good for someone who has been to the park many times and is looking for something new to do. 

The other game that we found was called A 
Pirate's Adventure. It can be found in Adventure Land just before you get to Frontier Land. Joe and I really liked this game. You are given a pirate map and have to go around and figure out the clues to go to the next spot. The animation for the clues were really good. I would recommend this game for people of all ages. There was no wait to play and only took 15-20 minutes to complete it! 

Joe and I had a such a fun time at Disney and I will be posting a Marathon Recap later this week! I will also be putting together a review of the new Fantasy Land at Magic Kingdom. 

When was the last time you went to Disney World?
Do you know of any fun new things at Disney World?

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  1. We have our trip planned for September and this makes me beyond ready :)

  2. I went to Disney last month, but reading your post makes me wish that I was there again... or going back soon. :) It really is a magical place!

  3. How fun! I haven't been to Disney World in a few years! The new things sound pretty cool.

  4. This was super helpful! I have never been to Disney World just because Disney Land is so much closer but I am definitely going to have to make a trip there sometime!

  5. This sounds like so much fun! I love the idea of the bands!! I haven't been to Disney in maybe 15 years. We'd really like to take the girls when we go back home and they're a little older.

  6. Wow that is so cool! I have not been since I was in high school! I can't wait to take the boys :)


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