Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Traveling to Iceland - Lava Tube and Blue Lagoon

Back in December, Joe and I went to Iceland! You can read about the first part of our trip here!

Day 2 brought an exciting adventure! We woke up bright (not so bright, the sun didn't rise until close to
10:30am) and early to meet our tour guide at our hotel. We were booked on a Lava Tube tour. Iceland is just a giant volcano with lots of lava tubes (kind of like a cave). I was really excited to get going to see what adventure awaited us. We drove for about an hour to a remote place that looked like it was out of a space movie. When we arrived we were given these awesome jail outfits. Bright orange jumpsuits, gloves and helmets. There was nothing but snow as far as I could see. We walked about a half of  a mile and found the entrance of the lava tube. Once at the entrance our guide told us that we would nee to have a leader to guide us through the lava tube. No one volunteered so I did. I was going to be the fearless leader that squeezed into very tight spots and make it through the cave. Our guide wanted or experience to be as authentic as possible, so he stayed back and only helped when I asked.
We all slide into the tiny opening in the snow down to the lava tube. Once our group was together I began to take lead and wander into the dark. Our head lamps gave us enough light to see right in front of us, but not enough to see ahead. It was fun and scary all at the same time!
I made it as far as I can go to the end of the lava tube. The guide let us all sit down and told us to turn off our head lamps. It became extremely dark. He told us old Icelandic tales of people who lived in caves and he also shared with us stories about christmas elves. After the short rest and story time, we headed back. There was still so much more of the lava tube to explore.

I finally found our way out of the lava tube and we headed back up to the cold snow. On the way back the guide had told me that I was one of the best leaders he has had. I was able to take my group through the lava tube with little guidance.

Fun facts about Lava Tubes:

  • They are formed from lava flowing though old lava
  • It was warmer in the tube then it was outside
  • There aren't any animals that live in them
Blue Lagoon
After the Lava Tubes we headed to the Blue Lagoon. I guess the Blue Lagoon is a tourist must if you are headed to Iceland. I had read many things on the internet talking about pros and cons of the lagoon, but we decided to go. If I was to plan my trip again, I would have went to the Blue Lagoon in the day time. It was far to dark to see the lagoon in its entirety. Other then that the lagoon was a good stop. We only stayed there for about 2 hours, Joe said it was too warm. It is pretty much a giant hot tub with minerals in the water. They also have a steam room, sauna, and face masks for you to enjoy.  Overall the Blue Lagoon was just ok, I would say a 3 out of 5. I was slightly disappointed. But, at least I can say that I did it, right?


Tell me about a tourist "must" that I should go to or one that I should avoid!

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  1. The Lava Tube pictures remind me of our Cave Splunking in TN :) Love doing/trying new things!

  2. That's amazing! Iceland is probably one of those places that I I'll never get to visit, so it was neat reading about your adventures there! :)


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