Monday, July 1, 2013

I am really missing my runs (or exercise in general)

It has only been one week without working out, yet I feel like a bum. Isn't it funny how I can go for week working out and not notice anything. But, now that I have been consistent with the gym and I have taken off time I feel like I have gained 10 lbs in one week! How does that even work? Why is it so hard to maintain a tone body, but so easy to lose it (and by it I mean the tone body, not the weight)? I really wish I was one of those people who just eat what they want and not have to workout. But I am not. So, I will just have to work 10 times as hard once I am given the ok to begin to workout from my doctor. I am also starting to get anxious about my run. The 1/2 Marathon is quickly approaching and I feel like I have done nothing to prepare for it.  

I am also missing my gym. I never thought I would say that, I have never really been one to enjoy the gym. What is fun about too many people, sweaty guys who grunt from no apparent reason, machines that are not wiped down enough, weights everywhere, and girls who look like they are going to the club rather then the gym? I haven't been to the gyn in over two weeks! I can't wait to hit the weights hard and re-build that muscle tone that I am so quickly losing. But as a bonus, my gym just went through a 2 week closure for a make over! So it will be nice and pretty for my return. I truly do believe that the weight lifting has been helpful with my runs. I have never really been a fast runner, my miles sit just under 10 minutes. But this time around my miles are 8 min 30 sec. 

I can really tell when I am not working out, I am tired, bored, cranky, and all I want to do is eat! I really hope to be back at it by next Wednesday! 

Do you like to go to the gym?
Is working out apart of your daily life?

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