Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What's for Lunch? - Food Truck Addition

As my days here in LA begin the dwindle I want to take advantage of what is here. So today, instead of sitting at my desk for lunch I went for a walk to go to eat at the food trucks! I'm not talking about your average food trucks, here in LA we have food trucks for every type of food you can imagine.

Even though I try to my best to eat healthy, I'm a foodie at heart!! I love trying new things and food trucks give me that opportunity.

Today I had a two sliders, one Thai Pork Belly slider and another Thai Sweet and Spicy  slider with a side of curry fries. Everything was AMAZING! The fries were from one of my favorite trucks and the sliders where from a new truck. I'm so lucky to have such great food just a short walk away from my office. 

This great food truck experience makes me want to go one last time to Food Truck Friday!! It's where over 40 trucks meet near my house! I think a food truck review is on order ;) 

Have you ever had food from a gourmet food truck? 

What's your favorite food truck food? 

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  1. We have a truck here called "Slidin dirty" and they have the BEST sliders and avocado fries!

  2. I had that Sweet and Spicy slider from that truck two weeks ago at Eagle Rock Brewery!! =)
    So delicious!!!

  3. I am so jealous of your food trucks! My husband is from LA and raves about them all the time.

  4. I love a good food truck (seriously, half my posts seem to be me getting excited about some truck or other!), and I've heard that the scene in LA is hard to beat!


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