Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I am at a very interesting time in my life. I'm really trying to slow down and live in the moment.

2012 was a crazy, so many changes and it just flew by. I left my job in FL to move to LA to start an office for a friend. I got a part time job working at a small airport, because my passion is Aviation and my full time gig didn't really have much to do with aviation. I met an amazing man, who happens to be in the Army and is currently deployed. I gained some weight from the stress of moving back to LA (and I'm sure other stresses that I might share later). My life was crazy, non-stop, I worked way too much and tried to visit my lovely boyfriend as much as possible in my "free time".

Earlier this year my boyfriend deployed. Instead of letting it stop my life, like some women might, I decided I was going to make some changes and enjoy life. The first thing I wanted to change was my health, I have always been a healthy person but in 2012 I just stopped working out. I'm not really sure why. In this blog you will find posts about  my eating habits and work outs. I am currently on day 1 of an all Vegan diet.

The next thing I changed was focusing on my family. I moved from LA to FL in 2004 and just got back. Needless to say, I don't really "know" my sisters. One is 11 and the other is 20. I have began to make it a point to hang out with them, take them place, or just stay at home and watch a movie. This has been a very enjoyable change.

I might not be a professional writer and this is my first attempt at blogging. But one this is for sure, I want to make my life better. Follow me in my journey to live on the moment. (I think that is a oxymoron, but you know what I mean) In this blog you will find posts about everything from care package ideas to great local hikes to my mini vacations that I have promised to give to myself every month.

I hope you enjoy!

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