Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oh The Places We'll Go! - Care Package

This week I sent two care packages. One had baked goods and my boyfriend is expecting this box. The other one is our Anniversary box and he has no idea that it is coming! I sent it a few days after the baked goods box. We will be traveling to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand later this year with friends of ours so I decided to make a travel themed box.

In the Box I've included the following:
  • Lonely Planet Vietnam, Cambodia, Loas, & Northern Thailand Book - He loves to planning for our vacation, I figured this will give him more ideas
  • Time Magazine - Travel Edition 
  • 1,000 Places to See Before you Die - So that he can start picking out our next trip 
  • Paper Fortune Cookies - I saw these at Michaels, in the Smash section and thought "How Cute" They didn't come out as cute as I thought they would but I am sure he will get it
  • Graham Crackers-He has been asking for these for a few weeks now and I always forget them 
  • Individual Bags of Goldfish - He really likes pre-packaged individual sizes of snacks so he doesn't over eat. Goldfish are his favorite
  • Pop Corn - another good snack to have on hand
  • Granola Bars- just a snack that he likes
  • Candy Corn - impossible to find this time of year, but I got lucky and found it while on a mini trip to Las Vegas
  • Mio- He really likes stuff like Mio to add to his water 

This box was featured on an Instagram Page! Check it out. @militarycarepackageideas I get a lot of inspiration from this page!

Quick Facts about care packages:
  • I use the Large Flat Rate box from the Post Office
  • 5 sheets of standard scrapbook paper will cover the inside of the box
  • I use scrapbooking supplies to decorate: stickers, cutouts, photo corners (always use photo corners so that he can take the picture off of the box and use it)
  • It takes 7 days to 15 days to get there. (from Los Angeles to Kandahar) 

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