Friday, May 17, 2013

Honey, I Shrunk the Care Package!!

This has been one of my favorite care packages that I have made. Who doesn't love miniature things? I got this idea from a Instagram page that I follow and I knew that it was on the short list of ideas. I pride myself in not sending just a box with stuff. I set the bar really high and I have been told the his soldiers enjoy seeing the decorated packages as well. 

I went to Target to get most of the thinks in the package. The first place I went to was the travel section, I stocked up on travel sized toiletries. I pretty much got one of everything. Next, I went over to the snack/food section at Target. Who knew that there were so many mini-items?! Joe LOVES root beer, so I made sure that I got a six pack of the tiny cans of soda. We normally don't drink any soda, but I figured that 8 oz cans are not going to hurt. Next, I did a quick sweep of the store to find anything mini. I found a mini version of the book "Me Without You". My sister also found a tiny Readers Digest. I even topped the box with a mini frame with a picture of use from our trip to Disneyland and a tiny card. Joe is either going to love it or think I am strange. But either way, I am sure it will bring a smile to his face and that's what is most important. 

Some of the things in the box!

For this box I used the medium flat rate box at the post office. I normally send the large flat rate box, but since the theme was Honey, I Shrunk the Care Package, I used a smaller box. I was able to duplicate the logo to the movie really quickly in Word. The typography is not perfect, but it gets the point across. For the inside of the box I used some scrap book paper that I had in a pack of paper that I got on clearance at Michaels, the pack was Robot Theme. 

I love the nuts and bolts paper.

Items in the box:
  • Mini snacks
    • Soda, beef jerky, gum, raisins, york peppermint patties, trail mix, nuts, granola bars
  • Travel sized toiletries
    • Shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, a mini loofa, face wash, deodorant,  hand sanitizer, sun screen, gold bond
  • Random things
    • Tiny magazine, mini book, tiny post-its, a extra small frame with a picture of us, mini lint rollers

Hopefully he loves it!

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