Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week 1 of Running Completed!

Week 1 of training completed!  I have put together a training schedule of 5 runs a week, with the long run on Sunday. The race is officially 12 weeks away and I know we will be ready. I'm really excited to continue to train and hopefully beat my current 1/2 marathon record of 2 hours 8 minutes. Stevee is really into the running this year and she is giving me the motivation needed to keep up on my running. We found a few places to run that are dirt trails that have plenty of options for different distance running. We really want to find a lot of different options for running so we don't get bored. Wish us luck!

Total Miles Ran: 15 miles
Longest Run: 4 miles
High: Getting a mile logged at 8 min 35 sec
Low: Missing my Wednesday run, instead I made Joe's awesome Zombie Care Package
How I felt: Over all I am very proud of completed my runs! I was a bit out of shape, but I know that I will be in shape in no time. My legs are sore, hopefully it will wear off soon. 

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