Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend of Work

Most of my weekends are spent working. This past weekend was no different. I worked at the airport both Saturday and Sunday evening. I am currently working at Van Nuys Airport at an FBO. A Fixed Based Operator is an aircraft service center for general aviation. It is a terminal for people who use private jets. I wish I could get into the details of what I do, but since I am working in private aviation, I can't. Let's just say, that I get the opportunity to meet and see a bunch of very famous people. There is never a dull  moment at work. My co-works are always having a good time, but still able to get the job done. I really enjoy my time spent at the airport, aviation is truly my passion. I have something in the works that will allow me to have a career doing what I love and move around where ever the Army may take us.

This past weekend I had a mini photo shoot with my sister. She is a very talented photographer and I hope that, with a lot of practice, my pictures will turn out half as good as hers.These pictures where taken with my new camera and 50 mm lens that Joe bought me! I really love this lens.

" To most people, sky is the limit. But for me, it is just the beginning"

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