Thursday, June 13, 2013

Deployment is what you make it

Even though my blog is called Living in the Moment, I am a planner at heart. I am always looking forward to what is coming. I named my blog Living in the Moment as a reminder that I really need to appreciate the things that are currently happening and just enjoy life. With the deployment it is very easy to get caught up in the countdown to homecoming and I do. I am always checking my app to see how much time I have left until Joe comes home and sometimes I am just looking for ways to make the time pass.

About 2 months ago, after working over 75 days in a row with no days off, I decided that I would enjoy the life that I currently have. I was missing valuable time with my parents and sisters. Instead I was going from one job to the next and working out all of the time(often doing 2 a days and seeing little to no results), coming home, taking a shower, and going to bed. I wasn't very happy with my current situation and I would just dwell on the fact that my relationship with Joe was at a stand still until he got home(at least that's how it felt). The first 2 months of the deployment felt like eternity. Everyone would tell me that "time would fly", but it didn't. I was miserable and it was taking a toll on our relationship. I would often get upset for the smallest of things and I knew that this was adding extra stress to an already stressful situation for Joe. I decided to make a change.

After talking to a friend of mine on the phone, I decided that I would go on 1 trip a month and make it a point to spend time with my family. This was the best thing I could have done. Now, instead of spending hours at the gym alone, I will go for a run with my sisters or take them on hikes. I have the best of both worlds. I also have been using my annual pass to Disneyland, there have been many weekday nights that my family will meet at the parks just for a few hours. I have kept up on my monthly trips, the first one was a trip to visit my friend Nikki in Vegas and the next one was a trip to visit my friend Amanda in Hawaii. This month I will be going on a trip to Austin to see my friend Brittany and next month is a family trip to Yosemite in our RV!

My relationship with Joe has also changed, in stead of talking about how much it sucks that he is not here or dwelling on how long it is going to be until he gets back, we talk about all of the things that I have been doing. He has also been able to get involved with a bunch of things in Afghanistan. He is the moral leader and plans activities for the soldiers. My care packages have been getting better and better, because I want to do them. We have begun to focus on our relationship and our future together. I haven't been upset over small things in  a while and I have been able to be his support.

It really has been an adjustment, but I am happier and healthier then I was in the beginning of this deployment. I wish I could tell you that I have stopped looking at my apps, but I haven't (we only have 150 more days as of today!!!) Deployments are tough and it is up to you to decided it you will enjoy the time you have or if you will just sit and wait. I have figured out how to enjoy the time that I have now and as a bonus, time really is starting to fly by.

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