Monday, August 19, 2013

What I like about Costco!

My Costco with Pikes Peak in the background!

There is nothing better then going to Costco and being able to buy whatever your little heart desires. (Ok, maybe there are lots of things that are better) The feeling of walking around and exploring isle after isle of things you didn't know you needed in bulk until you see it. Since I have moved to Colorado, I have been to Costco 2 times and have left with carts full of treasures things I need. Everything from cleaning supplies to food. 

Here is why I love Costco:

  1. Samples -  Need I say more? It's always nice to go to Costco on a Saturday evening and graze on the samples of stuff you love and stuff you never new existed. As an extra bonus, the sample workers are always so pleasant. 
  2. You can find everything you need in one store - With isle after isle of goodness, Costco has what you are looking for. It's also nice that they have gone away from the giant bag of Edamame to the giant box with 15 individual wrapped bags of edamame. They have been able to make it easier for someone like me (I live alone) to shop and stock up there. 
    Everything in my pantry is from Costco
  3. The prices are unbeatable - As long as you have room to stock up on stuff. One thing that I bought this past trip to Costco was cleaning supplies. I was able to get such a good deal on every type of cleaning supply I wanted. And I am very lucky that I have a ton of space to store it all. 
  4. Every Costco is set up similar -  No matter where you are in America, Costco is always the same. It was such an easy adjustment going from Costco in Los Angeles to Costco in Colorado. 
  5. The food court - If you didn't get your hunger fix with all of the samples, Costco offers a pretty good food court that is nicely priced. 
  6. The workers are amazing- It's always nice to interact with the workers at Costco, I feel like they really do enjoy their job. This past trip I bought a desk that would not fit into my car if it was left in the box. Plus, the box was really heavy and I know that I would have never been able to get it out of my car. The working that was helping me, suggested that we take it out of the box and put it in my car in pieces. Genius. 
I really could go on and on about Costco, but I am sure that many of you are Costco members so I won't. If you aren't a member, you should really think about it. 

Do you have a Costco Membership?
What is your favorite thing about Costco?

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  1. I'm curious how Costco compares to Sam's Club. We have both here in Augusta. We stayed with Sam's because it's a lot closer. And I'm super jealous of the shot of Pikes Peak. I love C Springs.

  2. I didnt know Costco was a start. I thought it was just something online. That's cool. We dont have one around here but have a Sam's and its the best. Buying in bulk saves major money I think.

  3. Costco Pizza for less than $2?! THE BEST!

  4. I love Costco as well. Can't beat the savings.

    Lovely blog!

    Catherine (your newest follower via GFC)


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