Saturday, August 10, 2013

Road Trip with my Mom

I can not believe that I am in Colorado. I have been here for about 10 days now and it's crazy to think that it was just over 3 weeks ago that the airport called me for my final interview. It all happened so quickly. 

I am so lucky and blessed to have a family that has always supported me in whatever it is that I might be doing. Normally my dad is the one that drives me across the country, because he is good with the heavy lifting. But, this time around my mom drove with me from California to Colorado. 

Beautiful photo of Colorado taken by my mom
The drive was only suppose to be 18 hours, but we ended up stopping in Las Vegas the first night and Vail the following night. The first day I think that we I only drove about 6 hours total. We were in Vegas by 6 pm. I could have kept driving but it was actually cheaper to stay in Vegas then it would have been to stay in Utah somewhere. The following day we got up and had a early start and made it all the way to Vail. Once again, I could have kept driving but, we decided to stop in Vail and go for a hike the next day. After our hike we made it to Colorado Springs, turns out that it was only 2 hours away. 

5 Reasons why my mom is a great person to take a road trip with, even if she doesn't like to drive:

1. She is always entertainment. She will take a picture with anything and stay up and talk about anything.
My mom will take a picture with anything!
 2. She knows how to enjoy herself. It was my party moms idea to stay in Vegas. She is so funny and out going. I really do enjoy being around her and spending time with her.
My mom and I in Vegas 
3. She is very supportive. I know that my mom is sad that I have moved, but she continues to support me in what ever I do. She makes me a better person.
Mom and I in Utah
 4. She is a great photographer. She is always willing to take a photo or 10 to make sure that I have the perfect one.
We (Joe Doll and I) finally made it to Colorado 

My mom was taking pictures of everything and anything
 5. She is adventurous and in shape. No matter what I through at her, she is ready to go. We went on an amazing 6 mile hike and vail and she is not only able to keep up, but she gives me the motivation to be a healthier and happier person.
My mom enjoying a hike in Vail
I know that my dad was very jealous that my mom was able to go with me this time, but I am happy 
that I was able to spend some great quality time with her.

Who would you rather spend 18 hours in a car with?
What's the longest road trip you have ever been on?

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  1. We are so lucky to have great parents who will drive us across the country!!! I was so bummed when we drove by the Welcome to Colorful Colorado sign and missed the pull off! Too cute! I am excited to be here with you and will see you later!

  2. sounds like you're lucky to have great parents. gotta love a mom that will take loads of pics and is good at keeping you entertained.

    Longest trip I've taken was 6 to 7 hours when I went to Orlando Florida but that's been years ago.

    1. I'm also now following you gfc and bloglovin.

  3. Looks like a blast! Now that you and Mal are settled in the Springs, we'll have to have a blogger meet up!


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