Monday, August 12, 2013

Hiking in Vail!

I really love being outside and I love finding a way to get a workout in while I am outside. I have been so lucky that I have always had that option. I know that moving to Colorado will not be any different. I can not wait until Joe gets home, so that we can go on a ton of amazing hikes.

The final stop, on the road trip with my mom, was Vail! Besides being an amazing ski town, Vail also has some breath taking hikes in the summer months. My mom and I went on a hike called Booth Creek Falls. It is a 4 mile hike up to a beautiful waterfall. It truly was amazing. We struggled a bit adjusting to the altitude, but we quickly were on our way.

There is nothing better then waking up early to go on a hike. I always like to hike up and run down. It always looks super impressive to people when they see me running down, but I mainly do it because it is super easy to run down and I can get down a lot quicker ( I am normally running out of time to workout, so running down saves me time)

What I love about hiking:

  • I get a long workout in, most of my hikes are 3-5 miles each way
  • I don't get bored when I go on a hike, it's always an adventure
  • I get to workout muscles that sometimes get neglected at the gym
  • I get to escape my busy day for a good amount of time
  • I really get time to think, or just talk to the person that I am hiking with
  • I am surrounded by nature and its beauty

Would you rather workout inside or outside?
How often do you go hiking?

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